Reiki Healing.

Reiki stands for "Universal Life Force Energy".

It heals the body on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. In order to channel the Reiki energy through to you in a session, your Reiki Practitioner must have received an attunement by a Reiki Master. This allows the energy that surrounds us, to move into you and then out through your hands when you touch someone with the intention to assist their healing process.

During a session you body's healing ability is accelerated thus creating the potential for you to experience balanced wellness. Reiki energy is channeled from the universe and the elements. It is often described as warming, soothing, penetrating and a powerful force for healing.

Specifically it can be used for opening and balancing your chakras thus allowing healing energy to flow through what might otherwise be a restricted or blocked pattern. When the body is balanced and in harmony disease is eliminated and the body can maintain and heal itself as required.

During a Reiki Session, key points are lightly touched over the body and the client relaxes fully clothed on the table. You will often drift off into a healing trance. The body has innate knowledge of what it needs to heal itself and will direct the healing energy to go where it is needed. .


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