Greater Learning Ability

When you need to learn something new, do you approach your learning experience feeling confidence in yourself as a learner?

Or do you convince yourself that learning is hard, and that youre not very good at learning? Learning is harder when you lack confidence. You can use visualization to improve your ability to learn easily.

If you want to become a good student, its important to have confidence in yourself as a learner. Its important to believe that you actually like learning, and that you really enjoy the topic you are studying.

When you picture yourself learning poorly, you program your mind for more learning failures. This is what you expect, so it becomes more likely that you will achieve it.

Change your opinion of yourself, so you believe you can learn
Visualise yourself as performing the skill that you want to learn successfully
Substitute messages to yourself that makes you believe learning is easy and fun
Learn to relax your mind and body when learning
Learn to visualise yourself positively
Learn to shut out negative messages
Replace negative images with positive ones
Learn to enjoy feeling that you are a smart, capable learner