More Happiness

“Happiness comes from within. If you cannot find happiness within yourself, it will hinder you from finding happiness within others.”

• Overcome negative emotions
• Identify and cultivate your strengths and use them to achieve everyday happiness
• Develop positive emotions
• Correct the emotional imbalance and restore happiness


1. Better Mental Health:

The Harvard Mental Health Letter reports that these are the chief characteristics of people who learn to be happy in life:
• a high sense of self-esteem
• a feeling of being in control of their lives
• the trait of being outgoing
• an optimistic outlook on life

2. Improved Physical Health:

• Dartmouth Medical School research demonstrated that optimists are much healthier and heal much faster when they do get sick than do pessimists.
• CA Department of Health completed a 29 year study and found that unhappy people were:
- 50% more likely to have a stroke and
- 50% more likely to die from that stroke.

3. Greater Financial Prosperity:

• Drs. Stanley and Danko study of The Millionaires Next Door found that among people of the same income level:
a) PAW’s (Prodigious Accumulators of Wealth) had learned to be more optimistic than UAW’s (Under-accumulators of Wealth)
b) UAW’s had four times as many concerns about the future than PAW’s
c) UAW’s used over-spending as a means to alleviate their anxieties
d) PAW’s learned how to create a goal and follow a proactive plan to achieve financial security.

• WORTH magazine’s net worth survey of the top 1% of the US population (median = $2.34 million) revealed that the most important factor in accumulating wealth was “tremendous persistence” towards that outcome.

4. Higher Career Success:

• Dr. Michael Mercer’s study of high achievers found that the single best predictor of success is optimism.