A fear of enclosed spaces (or claustrophobia) is more common than you might imagine. It can prevent normal travel in trains, coaches, buses, taxis and planes, although many sufferers feel safe in their own cars. It can also prevent the use of lifts, public toilets and phone boxes.

Typically, childhood experiences contribute greatly to this phobia, although trauma, physical illness or extreme stress can trigger this extremely limiting condition.

Sufferers usually delay seeking help because they feel 'out of control' or 'weak and useless' as a result. Left untreated, it can damage confidence and cause self-image and self-esteem problems. Many of our clients wished they had come along sooner, once they found just how easy this fear is to remove completely in a session or two.

Some of our past clients have even taken a strange delight in 'testing themselves' with smaller and smaller spaces, just to enjoy being relaxed, comfortable and in control, once again.