Fear of Heights

Some fear of heights or high places is perfectly natural. Where this becomes a problem is if it prevents normal travel, or use of lifts, hotels, office blocks, going on holiday, travelling by aeroplane, or using bridges and ski-lifts.

Most height phobics get out of bed quickly in the morning.

Because they have the thought (of getting up), imagine it, and immediately follow-through. And when they are in a high place they imagine themselves jumping or falling!

Our fastest fear-of-heights cure happened in just two sentences - and was immediately and subsequently tested by the client.

Years later, we have been told that this is still satisfactorily cured, much to the delight of the individual involved.

Whilst we do not promise that you will be released of your height phobia just as quickly, we do have a special insight into the structure of this phobia, and often produce seemingly miraculous results in just a few minutes.