Fear of Driving

Imagine what it would be like to be a cool, calm and confident driver. Well with the help of hypnotherapy and NLP, after just one session that's exactly what you will become.

In today's crazy world, where everyone and everything seems to be going at 500 miles an hour, it's no surprise that some people develop a fear of driving, or a driving phobia. Indeed, given the antics of some of the less respectful and more agressive road users, it's a surprise that more of us don't suffer from this debilitating and often scary condition.

But here's the scoop, anyone who suffers from a fear of driving will know that it's an entirely irrational fear and will also, in all probability, be a very capable and competent driver themselves.

So how come so many people suffer from driving phobias? Well like most phobias, a fear of driving will usually have been caused by either a traumatic or unsettling event from our past (such as an road accident) or, by something milder (like suddenly feeling a little strange when driving at speed on a motorway), where because the driver is experiencing others forms of stress at the time, the response to this road specific stimulus creates a mild anxiety or panic attack.

And because of the way we unconsciously associate events and feelings in our lives, this can often build into a driving phobia.

It is also worth noting that a driving phobia can be linked to many different things for different people -- from driving on wide open roads like motorways (most common), to driving through busy traffic saturated cities, to making a specific kind of maneuver (such as overtaking). And whilst safety and avoidance strategies are often used by the sufferer to reduce the danger and to control their panic, this often stimulates frustration and anger in other drives which only exacerbates the problem.

Using Hypnotherapy and NLP, we will help you overcome your fear of driving and turn you into a cool, calm and confident driver. Because these two treatments focus on retraining the unconscious mind, once treated you will be able to see the perceived threat or danger in a more rational, resourceful and often humorous way. Imagine that, the thought of driving no longer being scary, but rather something you can laugh at!

You see hypnosis and nlp bypass the conscious mind and create an alternative state of consciousness in which attention is focused away from the present reality. Rather like day dreaming, attention can then be focussed towards particular images, thoughts, perceptions, feelings, motivations and behaviours which will help change your conditioned responses and learnt behaviours.