Stop / Reduce Drinking

Are you worried that your drinking might have or is becoming a problem?

• Is your drinking having an effect on other people?
• Have you lost the sight of life without alcohol?
• Do you want the self- control to have one drink and then stop?
• Could it or is it slipping out of your control?

Abusing alcohol causes physical, social and emotional problems such as difficulties with relationships, finances and work to name a few.

Maybe right now it is time to talk to someone before it turns into a much bigger problem? Jim Fogarty can help you regain that control and give you back the power to manage your drinking. We all have the power within us to be more in control and with an expert’s help you can get your life back in order. Think about the benefits:

• Feeling able to control or stop your alcohol drinking
• Able to cope with life without depending on alcohol for support
• Freedom from stress and sadness that has led to drinking
• Increased confidence and self-esteem without alcohol
• Increased clarity and thought processes without alcohol
• Desire to reconnect emotionally with family and friends
• Regain control over all aspects of your life

What is needed is a real change in your attitude towards alcohol. Coming to terms with a drinking problem is a very individual experience and the way of getting it under control effectively varies from person to person. For some people, organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous provide the help and support they need - for others, particularly those who feel they need help before a drinking problem develops into something worse, individual coaching and therapy is a very effective solution.


• Drinking alcohol faster than others.
• Spending too much money on alcohol.
• Denying the problem.
• Understating how much alcohol you are drinking.
• Memory loss when drinking alcohol.
• Promising not to drink alcohol.
• Drinking alcohol to cope with stress.
• Thinking of ways of getting extra drinks when socialising.


1 - Try to limit your intake or give up altogether.
2 - Decide before going out how much you will drink and stick to it.
3 - Team up with a friend to support each other in drinking less.
4 - Avoid rounds as this can make you drink more.
5 - Slow down. Put your glass down between sips and drink more slowly.
6 - Pace yourself. Have non-alcoholic drinks in between alcoholic ones.
7 - Write down your reasons for cutting down. You may want to do it to save money, to sleep better or to avoid the hangovers.
8 - Avoid people that make you drink while you are cutting down.
9 - Learn to say NO to drink. Have three NO Drinking days a week.
10 - Don't stop until you reach your goal.
11 - Seek professional help. Most heavy drinkers need help to regain control.........

...And this is where Jim Fogarty can help. Giving up or reducing your drinking is something that you WILL need help with. If you're a drinker, it will affect your routine because drinking can be such an integral part of your everyday life and your social relationships. Changing that needs help. Hypnotherapy can be effective for escaping from the alcohol trap because it helps you to make those changes at a deep level. It will help you to get rid of the drives that keep pushing you to drink. Hypnotherapy will help you lose the hold that alcohol has over you remarkably quickly.