Relieve Depression

Because Hypnotherapy and NLP focus on effecting change in our unconscious mind, at The Therapy Lounge we have found them to be extremely helpful in relieving the symptoms of, and dealing with the causes of depression, helping to retrain our clients to respond in much more resourceful and positive ways. Hypnosis is proven to be a fast and effective means of teaching people new ways of thinking; a vehicle for accessing new possibilities for feelings and behaviours, in a quick and integrated manner.

The reasons why hypnotherapy and NLP are so effective at relieving the symptoms and often the causes of depression are outlined below.

Some people say that depression feels like a black curtain of despair coming down over their lives. Some say they have no energy and can't concentrate, others feel irritable for no apparent reason and others have extreme difficulty sleeping. But whilst the symptoms of depression may vary from person to person, one thing is clear; it is one of the most debilitating conditions of modern times.

If you’re suffering from depression, you may feel 'alone', whereas in-fact this is far from the case. As many as one in six people will suffer with some form of depression at some point during their lives. But due to the stigma that still seems to be attached to depression even today, a lot of people still chose to go through life without ever seeking help, accepting that depression is just 'part of them'.

Well you shouldn’t - depression is very treatable. There are a wide variety of medications and therapies readily available, including Hypnotherapy, which can have a significant impact on relieving some of the symptoms. However unlike a supplement or pill, which also help relieve the symptoms, hypnosis can also help deal with the cause.

Its effectiveness lies in the fact that the routes of depression reside in our unconscious mind, that part of us that controls our beliefs, feelings, emotions and behaviours. And it’s our unconscious mind that is responsible getting us deeply absorbed in the erroneous or negative patterns of thinking, behaving and relating to others that are often the primary symptoms of depression.

Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind and creates an alternative state of consciousness in which attention can be focused away from the present reality. Rather like day dreaming, attention can then be focussed towards particular images, thoughts, perceptions, feelings, motivations and behaviours which will help change our habitual responses and learnt behaviours, as well as help create new perspectives over past experiences.