Relieve Stress

Isnít it time to reclaim your life and simply give up stress?

If youíre experiencing too much stress in your life, itís probably making you anxious, irritable and unproductive, affecting your performance at work, your relationships at home, your long term physical and emotional health and, the quality of your life in general. And if you're reading this, itís likely that you're in search of a way to eliminate that old unwanted stress once and for all.

Well at Applied-Hypnotherapy, we use a combination of hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you overcome stress quickly and easily, leaving you physically more relaxed, mentally calmer, altogether more confident and most importantly, free of that old unwanted stress. Ultimately, we'll help you to start living the life you desire.

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So why is it that all we seem to hear about these days is stress? Why does it seem to pervade everything we do? Well the simple answer is that as a result of ever-increasing expectations and competition in the work environment, evermore people are spending increasing amounts of time utilising their bodies natural stress response.

This instinctive response, which is our bodyís natural mechanism to protect us from danger, releases stress hormones directly into the bloodstream. These hormones cause an instant mental, emotional and physical change that provides us with extra awareness, extra endurance and extra strength. So if we were in a dangerous situation, this would help us to survive.

However, instead of using these stress hormones in emergencies, we now live at such a pace that many people activate them all the time - like when we are going to present at a meeting, or when we are worrying about finishing a report, or when we might miss a train, or when can't get onto the Internet, or when someone records over our favourite DVD, etc..

And because stress hormones get us as fired-up as sprinters crouched and waiting for the starting-gun, and because most stressed people don't get the release of the race itself or they donít give their bodies and minds sufficient time and space to rest after each stress-filled moment, with no release, the stress hormones just keep on working. And as a result, we permanently have to endure these feelings of immediate danger and physical / emotional readiness, never able to relax and never able to feel at ease.

And as we have already discussed, this can have a dramatic impact on the quality of our lives. Stress can cause a wide range of emotional problems including issues with anger, anxiety, panic, obsessive thoughts and addiction. It can also effect us physically in relation to insomnia and the ability of our immune system to work effectively.

So why not give it up? Why not reclaim your life and start living the life you deserve. At Applied-Hypnotherapy we will use a combination of hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you to rapidly overcome your stress, leaving you physically more relaxed, mentally calmer and much more confident. We will also provide you with the tools required to avoid stress ongoing.